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Drain cleaning is important because clogs can cause serious problems. If a drain grains a major clog, a sink or other fixture will be useless. Professional services are the best solution for drain problems. We are here in West Virginia to recommend the best procedures to homeowners. We also provide advice for winter months. When the temperature drops, homeowners experience problems with their pipes. Very cold weather has the potential to freeze the water in pipes if the proper prevention methods are not used. Pipes should never freeze because they will burst.

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How can I protect my pipes during the winter months?

Professional prevention services are the best solution. Technicians understand how to protect piping during a freeze. In most cases, insulation will be recommended. However, if inefficient piping is used, the piping must be replaced with better pipes. We highly recommend insulating the pipes in your home to avoid them freezing during the winter.

What are the benefits of tankless water heaters?

Homeowners who appreciate energy savings should consider a tankless water heater. Traditional units are not energy-efficient because they heat the water often, even when it is not being used. Also, tankless water heaters help the environment because they use less energy than a traditional water heater. The biggest benefit, however, is that a tankless unit always supplies hot water when needed.

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