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The intricate plumbing in your home is not immune to freezing conditions. In fact, any pipes that are exposed to the elements, such as plumbing outside of home insulation, can become so cold that ice forms inside. Over time, the pipe can burst, sending gallons of water into your home or flooding the yard. At Powell’s Plumbing, we know that you need quality plumbers for frozen pipes when disaster strikes. Our team of frozen and leaking pipe plumbers in Winchester will get to your home in no time and guarantee your satisfaction.

Why Do Frozen Pipes Burst?

As subzero temperatures settle in, your plumbing has water resting along its length from normal home use. As the water freezes, it expands, along with the pipe. Eventually, ice blocks the pipe entirely. Because the faucet is mostly turned off during the day, pressure between the blockage and fixture starts to grow. As the faucet is turned on and off to access water, the pipe undergoes stressful expansion and contraction pressure against the walls. At some point, the pressure becomes too great, causing a burst to occur. Contrary to popular thought, the ice itself is not the damaging agent but the pressure between the ice and fixture.

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Is A Burst Pipe A Plumbing Emergency?

A burst pipe is typically an emergency that our plumbers can address. Large or hairline pipe cracks allow water to flow uncontrollably into your home. If a burst pipe is not dealt with properly, and in a timely manner, the home may flood. Mold, property damage and expensive bills are a direct result of a burst pipe, depending on its location.

If you have a burst pipe that is under your foundation, it is critical to shut off the water at the main valve. This shut-off procedure stops all water from entering the home’s plumbing. If water continues to flow under a home’s concrete slab, the soggy soil affects the structure’s stability. Foundation cracks and soil heaving become a true threat to the home’s livability. A plumber must come out immediately. Water flowing from an accessible burst pipe can be stopped by shutting off the local water valve. Place a bucket under the burst pipe and call Powell’s Plumbing in Winchester. We must repair the burst pipe before the area is used again.

How Can I Prevent A Burst Pipe?

If you have a temporary cold spell, simply allow your faucets to trickle water to avoid any ice build-up. For extended winter conditions, wrap the pipes with insulation, if accessible. Our plumbers have options for frozen and leaking pipe repair at Powell’s Plumbing. We can try to reroute pipes if they are exposed to the outdoors, but this may not be an option for all homeowners. Alternatively, open cabinet doors to expose pipes underneath to the home’s heated air. Warm air envelopes the pipes, making it harder for any ice to form a dam.

Contact Powell’s Plumbing today at 540-665-8196 with any questions or concerns. A burst pipe is a serious issue that needs a fast and reliable solution. We offer expert services with reasonable rates to make your home complete again.

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