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The garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance that has become a household standard. Many families simply cannot function without their garbage disposal, and this means that the garbage disposal must be taken care of and properly maintained. With the help of a garbage disposal and a licensed plumber, every family can keep their kitchen sink clean and clear. Our technicians will carry through any Winchester garbage disposal repairs or installations required. 

What Are The Benefits of Owning a Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal is the main tool in the kitchen sink for getting rid of food waste. While families used to throw away food waste when they were done cleaning the dishes, the family can now send these food waste items down the drain and chew them up with the garbage disposal. The disposal can also be used to help drain a clogged sink by disintegrating whatever food waste item is clogging the sink.

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How Can I Prevent Clogs?

Preventing clogs in the garbage disposal is really a matter of making sure that the disposal only sees food items. The small pieces of plastic or small utensils that fall into the sink could easily clog the garbage disposal and cause it to stop working. The homeowner must also make sure that they are clearing the drain regularly and running the disposal whenever it is filled with food waste. Waiting too long to run the disposal is the best way to get the sink clogged.

How Can I Get Rid of Foul Odors in the Sink?

When the sink and garbage disposal begin to emit a foul odor, the homeowner must make sure to clean up the disposal. The foul odor could be from food stuck in the sink, or the disposal could be so old that it must simply be cleaned.

Slicing a lemon in half and putting it down the disposal will help to get rid of any odors that are in the sink or the disposal. If the homeowner wants to go the extra mile, they can put a little bit of soap and hot water down the drain to make sure that the disposal is being cleaned. The cleaning of the disposal is often forgotten, so running hot water mixed with soap can prove to be significant when trying to have a fresh smelling kitchen.

Overall, having a professional plumber repair or install your garbage disposal in Winchester is the best way to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Our technicians are sure to satisfy all of your garbage disposal necessities, so call Powell’s Plumbing today at 540-665-8196 

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