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There are many benefits to upgrading your bathroom. You can enjoy having a nice relaxing room that looks good, functions well, and helps to increase the value of your home. By changing a few things about your bathroom, you can enjoy feeling like you have a completely new room. An updated bathroom is a great selling point if you ever decide to put your house on the market too. Powell’s Plumbing can make all of your redesigning dreams come true. 

How Do I Know If I Need To Repipe My Home?

As your home’s pipes begin to deteriorate, the signs your home requires repiping begin to add up and intensify. A decline in water pressure hints that your home’s plumbing system has been compromised in one or more places. You’ll likely need a repipe if your home has trouble running more than one element of your plumbing at a time, such as showers losing pressure as toilets are flushed.

Along with releasing pressure, cracks in pipes leak water than can promote rot and mold growth. Discolored water also hints that your pipes have begun to deteriorate as matter from the pipes pollutes your home’s water. Mold, rot, and moderate flooding also indicates that your home requires repiping.


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Is The Repiping Process Messy?

In the hands of an inexperienced team, the repiping process can be messy and damaging to your home’s interior. At Powell’s Plumbing Company, we take the care to complete repiping projects in a manner that is both timely and effective. We take the care to protect your home’s interior as the old pipes are being removed. We make precise incisions to create access points to your home’s old pipes. We patch, repair and refinish any access points created during the repiping process. We’ll leave your home looking just as good as it did before repiping, but with a brand new pipe system that will last you decades to come.

How Long Will The Water Be Off?

Because no two homes are exactly alike, the repiping process varies between projects. Repiping can require between a couple of days and week, depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your piping system. At Powell’s Plumbing Company, we try to minimize the time your water will be off during repiping, adjusting our work so that the water is on as soon as you need it.

 Increase your home’s value and the quality of life inside of it by having a repipe done. Contact us now at 540-665-8196 for an estimate on repiping your home.with any questions or concerns. A burst pipe is a serious issue that needs a fast and reliable solution. We offer expert services with reasonable rates to make your home complete again.

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