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If you own your home, it is most likely the largest financial investment you will make, and it is important that you maintain its value. While renovations and upgrades are great ways to increase property value, many people overlook the steps that can be taken to maintain value in the event something unexpected were to occur. Every year, thousands fall victim to water damage, and with our help, you can prevent serious damages from occurring in your Ashburn home. 

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How can I prevent a clogged drain?

Here at Powell’s Plumbing, we understand that the best time to fix a problem is before it starts, and there are a number of things you can do to prevent a clogged drain. For starters, never dump grease down the drain. While it may seem inconvenient, it is better for your drains that you collect grease in a jug and dispose of it accordingly. A drain guard is also a great investment in order to filter out solids that can cause clogs.

Ensuring your drains are clean is another way to help keep them clog-free, and there are a few different methods you can employ. The easiest is to run hot water through your sink after each use.

How can I detect a water leak?

Life is full of the unexpected, and it can be easy to find yourself victim of a water leak. Not only can this pose health issues to you and your family as leaks foster the development of harmful spores, fungus, and mold, but your home can sustain significant damage. Leaks are not always immediately evident. If there is water leaking from your ceiling, for example, you likely have a burst pipe within your walls that requires immediate attention. Also be on the lookout for sagging or bulging walls as this is also indicative of a hidden leak.

How can I lengthen the lifespan of my water heater?

You use hot water every day, and your water heater is one of the most overlooked appliances you own. Finding that yours has stopped working correctly means purchasing a new one, and this can be expensive. Instead, by following a few tips, you can ensure yours lasts as long as possible. Regular maintenance is key, and you should regularly remove sediment within your unit. If you do not feel comfortable performing this task, our dedicated staff would be happy to help you.

Whether you have experienced water damage or wish to take preventive measures to decrease your chances of falling victim in the first place, the staff here at Powell’s Plumbing is here to help. We possess the latest tools in the plumbing industry, call us today at 540-665-8196 and schedule an appointment with one of our experts today!


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