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As a homeowner in Virginia, you may only need to call a plumber to your home periodically for repair work and plumbing upgrades. However, there are clear instances when plumbing services are needed, and there are other instances when you may not be sure what the best course of action is. If you would like to take the time to read on, we have provided some information for homeowners. This section is intended to provide some facts that are useful for making decisions regarding property repair and maintenance. If you do decide that you need to call a professional plumber, we are the premier agency in your area. 

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How can I prevent clogged drains?

A clogged drain is unfortunately a very common occurrence in local homes. Clogs may partially or fully block the drain, and they may limit or fully prevent use of the sink, tub or basin. Using a drain cover can prevent some clogs, such as those caused by foreign objects accidentally washing down the drain.

Another way to prevent clogged drains is to hire a certified plumber. If you are frequently experiencing clogged drains in your home, this could be a sign there is a deep blockage. In this case, a professional is necessary to safely resolve issues in hard to reach areas. This will also prevent future clogs from occurring.

How can I detect a water leak?

Water leaks can result in water damage and cause costly water waste for homeowners. Here are some ways to detect them. If your toilet makes a hissing noise there is a good likelihood that it has a leak.

Check for soft muddy areas outside of your house along the pipelines that lead to your meter. You can put some food coloring in your toilet bowl, and if the color appears in your tank, this means that there is a leak

How can I extend the lifespan of my water heater?

To enhance the lifespan of your water heater you can install a second anode. This anode is corroded and protects the other in doing so. Clean or flush out your tank or a regular basis.

Water softeners remove residue from your water system, installing them increases the lifespan of your water heater. Ideally, a professional plumber is recommended to inspect your system on an annual basis to maintain your system and prevent future more costly repairs.

We are committed to help you keep your plumbing system in great condition. We offer preventive, diagnostic, repair and replacement services to meet all of your needs. Contact us at 540-665-8196 and get started today!


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