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Clogged drains can cripple portions of your home’s plumbing system. They can hamper showers, dish washing, hand washing, and other sanitation procedures we take for granted until they’re unavailable. Our professional and courteous staff at Powell’s Plumbing can free up your plumbing system’s clogged drains, helping you avoid the use of chemical agents that can do more harm than good to your pipes. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. 

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Can I prevent clogged drains?

Regular maintenance and attentiveness can help you avoid clogged drains. Even with a garbage disposal in place, some items just shouldn’t go into your drains. Viscous liquids or matter that won’t readily dissolve in water shouldn’t be poured into your drains. Grease and other viscous liquids can coat the inside of your home’s pipes, layering over time and forming into a fixture-crippling clog. Hair can clog your drains just as well.

Can I detect a water leak?

A loss in water pressure hints that you may have a water leak somewhere in your plumbing system, but some of the more obvious signs are rot and moisture. If you can’t tell where moisture is coming from, there’s a good chance it’s coming from a leaky pipe or fixture. Mold growth and rot are also strong indicators that water is leaking from your plumbing system and has been for a while. You should have your home inspected for a leak as soon as you pick up on the signs, as rot and mold growth pose as a health hazard to your home and its inhabitants.

Can I prolong the lifespan of my water heater?

The lifespan of a water heater is often shortened simply because the unit isn’t regularly maintained. Draining your water heater a couple of times each year will alleviate it of sediment and the strain the buildup can inflict on it.

Professional maintenance is also strongly recommended to prolong the life of your water heater. Professional care ensures your water heater is operating at the correct temperature, that the unit is properly insulated, and components like the pressure relief valve are functioning correctly. You should always seek professional assistance as soon as a problem develops with your water heater. Putting off minor problems allows them to develop into larger and more costly issues, while cutting short the life of your water heater.

Our team at Powell’s Plumbing serves with a full line of plumbing and water treatment services. Call us at 540-665-8196  if you’ve noticed a problem developing within your plumbing system.


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