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What causes drains clogging?

Over time, soap scum, hair and other dirt and debris can gather in your drains. By pouring corrosive agents down there, you’re damaging your pipes and wasting money to boot.

If your drains just won’t unclog no matter what you do, a professional plumber with tools such as augers and snakes may be necessary to get the job done. Do your part on an everyday basis by avoiding pouring cooking grease down the drains and by cleaning out the traps in your shower every so often.

What is the best way to deal with a pipe burst?

Ensure that residents are safe and removed from the area affected by the pipe burst. Shut off the water system in your home and call an emergency plumber. You can remove any damageable items from the area. A certified plumber will pump out any water that has flooded your home. The damaged section of piping will need to be removed, replaced and insulated.

What are the advantages of having a tankless water heater?

Installing a tankless water heater in your basement is a wise move if you’re tired of paying high-energy bills and want your money to go further. Tankless water heaters also don’t take up nearly as much space as a storage type tank. You’ll probably pay more at the outset for your tankless heater but over the long haul, you’ll reap the benefits in energy savings.

The tank also lasts a lot longer than storage types, usually up to 20 years. Instead of storing heated water in a holding tank, a tankless model heats up water only as needed, making for an excellent space-saving option.

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