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Are there benefits to owning a tankless water heater?

Most homeowners want to save as much money as possible each month. In most cases, inefficient appliances commonly increase the energy costs if they are not energy efficient. For example, a traditional water heater uses a lot of energy everyday to heat water in the tank. These water heaters will heat water regularly throughout the day. Tankless units however, only heat water a few seconds before the hot water is needed. This feature saves a lot of energy.

Traditional water heaters also run out of hot water often. This happens when many people take many showers and baths each day. When the hot water is gone, the unit must reheat the water. The reheating process does not happen fast, so everyone will have to wait a while. Tankless units never have this issue. Whenever hot water is needed, a tankless unit will supply it for you.

What is hydrojetting?

Although there are many products that can clean a drain, some problems will require professional cleaning equipment. Grease and debris can cause major clogs; many drain cleaning products cannot remove a major clog. Hydrojetting involves high pressured water. The water can remove tough grease, sand, soap, and other debris efficiently.

Our hydrojetting service is highly recommended if pipes are old or have bacteria. Old pipes are not very strong, so improper cleaning methods will damage them. Hydrojetting is the best solution for old pipes. The pipes cannot gain any damage because a technician can maneuver the cleaning device away from areas that are vulnerable.

What is considered to be a plumbing emergency?

Certain plumbing problems can cause water damage. Water damage leads to mold, and mold is dangerous because it affects the air. Whenever a plumbing problem can cause damage or any health risks, it is considered a plumbing emergency. Our technicians are trained to handle plumbing emergencies. During an emergency plumbing project, our technicians never waste time because every second counts. All repairs are tackled fast so that damage is prevented, however, repairs are also handled efficiently so that future problems do not occur.

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