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What is the best drain cleaning technique?

Avoid pouring leftover cooking grease down the sink, clean out shower traps regularly after taking a shower, and never throw paint, oil, feminine hygiene products or diapers down the toilet. If you do experience a stubborn clog that won’t go away, call in the professionals to deal with it. Our experienced technicians can use special equipment and tools such as augers, snakes, and hydrojets to clear the blockage and get your drains back to normal in no time.

How can I prevent a burst pipe?

The last thing any homeowner wants to discover is a burst or cracked pipe. However, there are things you can to do to prevent this from happening. Burst pipes often occur from old age; however, it’s also common for them to burst due to freezing conditions. Water that has frozen within a pipe tends to expand, leading to the bursting of the pipe.

Mitigate this risk by ensuring your pipes are indoors, insulated, and kept relatively warm. If you think your pipe has frozen, shut the main water valve off and call Powell’s Plumbing for immediate assistance.

What are the benefits of tankless water heaters?

If you’ve been contemplating installing a tankless water heater in your home rather than a storage tank water heater, you may be wondering about the benefits. They last longer than storage tank heaters, around 20 years. You’ll also experience a cost savings on your energy bill each month, as the water does not have to be heated and stored for long periods of time. Rather, it’s heated as it’s needed. If you have limited space in your basement, a tankless water heater presents a space-saving option as well.

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