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Is there a leak in your shower head which results in water waste and excessive sound? Is your shower head’s water pressure low and in need of an upgrade? From shower heads to toilet tanks to kitchen drains all the way to the sewer line, we have a perfect understanding of all these systems and know what to do to help. We can have all of the parts of your home functioning as optimally as possible. Imagine all of these systems working with ease, this would ensure that you can work through your errands contently. 

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What is the best drain cleaning technique?

For serious clogs, a manual or power drain snake is usually the best way to go. This device can go down a drain and unclog almost anything. Our company can assist you with all of your drain snake needs so that your clog will be taken care of quickly and easily, in most cases. We also have alternative methods available such as hydrojetting, if you are interested, ask us about other options!

How can I prevent pipes from bursting?

Pipe freezes are the main cause for pipe bursts, this can be prevented in many cases. The important thing is to make sure that your pipes do not freeze.

If a section of your home is used infrequently, it is still important to ensure that it is receiving proper heating. Leave a small heater in any room that does not get warm enough during the winter. If you have central heat and air make sure that all of your vents are open so that every part of your house stays warm.

At night, open cabinet doors so that the heat can reach the pipes underneath your sink. Preventing a pipe burst is a lot easier and cheaper than fixing one after the fact. If you notice that your water is starting to run slower than normal or that there is ice in your toilet, call us immediately.

What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

There are many benefits to having a tankless water heater in your home. To begin with, these units can easily fit into small spaces since there is no tank attached to them. They are perfect for smaller homes and can be a great choice for apartments and even businesses.

A tankless water heater warms up the water as it is being used, so you have no worries about running out of hot water no matter how long you stay in the shower.

These units are more energy efficient than traditional hot water heaters too. When you choose a tankless water heater, you can enjoy saving money on your energy bills each month. You will not be paying to warm water in a tank, so the costs will be noticeably reduced.

Our company will make sure that your tankless water heater is installed correctly, and we also offer repair services to make sure that your unit is working properly. As an added bonus, tankless water heaters do not require as much maintenance. Since there is no tank, you do not have to worry as much about large leaks that could flood your home and cause water damage.

If you are looking for professional plumbing services, contact us at 304-263-4088. Our certified and trained professionals will be able to solve your plumbing problems and perform routine maintenance checks.



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