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How Does a Septic Tank Function?

A septic tank is part of a septic system that helps get rid of human waste for homes or properties not connected to municipal sewage systems. The function of the septic tank is to collect untreated waste and separate the solids in that waste from the water....

What You Need to Know About a Sump Pump

When looking for a new sump pump, the first of several questions you need answers to is the horsepower rating. While pumps all look heavy duty, a pump with a 1/4 HP rating will not work nearly as well as a 1/2 HP version. The price difference is usually significant,...

How to Avoid Expensive Sewer Repairs

Residential Plumber Virginia | Drain Cleaning | Burst Pipe Repair | Plumbing Every homeowner has experienced the dreadful feeling of running into random plumbing problems. They seem to spring up at inconvenient and inappropriate times. This is because we are always in...
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