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Explore Your Options with these Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

Save Money

Reducing the cost of your water bill might be simpler than you think, especially with all of the water-saving hardware that is available on the market. Simply installing low-flow toilets and showerheads, motion-activated water faucets and systems that recycle Greywater can go long ways towards lowering your energy and water bills.

Consult with a plumbing professional to find out how these plumbing innovations can help you and your pipes retrofitted that they never leak. Aside from hardware, there are also lots of lifestyle changes that Winchester, VA residents can adopt that can help them save money as well.

Install Hoses to Help Recycle Greywater

Water PlantsOne very simple way to make better use of the water you use to wash dishes or laundry is to contract a plumber to install a hose that leads from your appliance to the outdoors.

Your gently used wash water can then be used to irrigate your garden. This method of recycling water works best if you use biodegradable soaps without harsh chemicals. Never use human waste from your toilet in your garden as it contains dangerous bacteria.

Wash Your Car at an Automated Car Wash

Car WashMinimize your home water use by taking your car a state-of-the-art car wash. Not only will your car be cleaner in minutes but also the water that will be used to clean it will be recycled greywater.

This is also much cheaper than doing the job yourself at home with gallons of city water that you will be paying for on your next water bill.

Furthermore, the water used at a car wash is treated properly before it is drained into the city’s sewage system, whereas the soapy water you are using usually ends up running down the driveway in rivers that eventually end up tainting nearby bodies of water.

Forget the Bath and Take a Shower Instead

ShowerTaking a shower instead of a bath is a simple way to cut down on your water use. It can take 50 gallons of water to fill a bathtub and only 15 to 20 gallons of water to take a shower.

If you have a shower that is less than five minutes long, you can cut your water utility costs. So keep yourself and others aware of how long you spend in the shower, and track of how long you spend in there.

Regularly Inspect Your Home for Leaks and Fix Them Fast

Water LeakIt is very important to inspect your home regularly for structural damage to pipes, sprinklers, and hoses.

Even the smallest leak from a dripping faucet can end up adding hundreds of dollars to your water bill.

If you can’t find the leak yourself, then employ a plumbing expert to help you find the source and then take his recommendations for upgrading your home with new pipes and fixtures.

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