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Homeowner’s Insurance & Water Damage: What’s Covered?


Aside from a fire, water damage is probably one of the worst problems to have in your home. Growing up, we were lucky and really didn’t have many problems with our family home.

There is one exception to this. After weeks of fighting a clogged toilet and slow drains, one of the pipes broke and flooded the first floor of our house. Dad shut the water off and mom called the homeowner’s insurance.

To her dismay, she was greeted with a ton of questions about how long we had known about the clog and what we had done to fix it. At the time, we didn’t even realize the two were related. The insurance company declined our claim and the family was left paying for the damage.

Luckily, thanks to my dad’s fast reaction, the repairs that were needed were minimal and we were able to quickly move on with our lives. The lesson of this story is to not ignore leaks and other plumbing problems because willful ignorance is not covered under any insurance plan.

Professional Leak Detection: When to Call

Water leaks can be sneaky and difficult to detect. Oftentimes, there will be multiple other signs of a problem before any water is actually seen. This means that you should be aware of these signs so you can call a professional when needed:

  • leakdetectionHigher water bills than normal.
  • Sounds of rushing water when all faucets are off.
  • Musty smells.
  • Visible mold.
  • Damp spots on walls or ceilings.
  • Unexplained puddles of water on the floor.

Noticing any of these issues is a cause for a professional leak detection service. If you’re not sure, but your gut is telling you that there is a problem, don’t wait around. Call Powell’s Plumbing for electronic leak detection!

Broken Pipes: An Urgent Situation

brokenpipeAs you read earlier, a broken pipe doesn’t have to be caused by freezing temperatures. It can be caused by a major blockage in a pipe that causes the water pressure to become too great.

Regardless of the reason for the broken or burst pipe, the steps to take are the same. Upon noticing a broken or burst pipe, you will need to shut the water completely off. After this is taken care of, call a plumber and then call your homeowner’s insurance company.

Homeowner’s Insurance & Water Damage

waterdamageHomeowner’s insurance companies are there to help your family should the need arise.

However, if they paid every single claim that was received, there would be no money for the families that actually need it.

With this said, homeowner’s insurance companies are a lot less likely to pay claims that show ‘willful ignorance.’

This basically means that if you knew about a problem and chose not to fix it, you are at fault for the damages and they do not have any obligation to you. However, if you can prove that your pipes were in good working order and well-maintained but still had a major problem, chances are the insurance company will help pay for damages.

Homeowner’s Insurance is a Must!

homeownerinsuranceAlthough an insurance company can choose whether or not to pay a claim, they often make the decision based on whether or not the home has been maintained.

As long as you keep your plumbing and other major systems functioning as needed, any issues with them should be covered. This means that you will not have to pay out-of-pocket for major expenses as long as you are a responsible homeowner!

If you suspect that you have a water leak or clogged pipe, call Powell’s Plumbing today! We can detect any leaks and correct clogs before they become a major expense! Do you have a story about water damage and your homeowner’s insurance? Tell us about it in the comments!