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How to Stop Your Leaking Toilet


When it comes to essentials fixtures in your home, your toilet is probably high on the list. Unfortunately, over time, these fixtures fall susceptible to damage and can leave you with plumbing issues.

A leaking toilet is probably one of the more common issues you can deal with in your bathroom. It also has a few different causes, which makes it tougher to diagnose for an inexperienced homeowner.

A rule of thumb is to always listen for the sound of running water when your toilet is not in use. If it happens often enough, it could be a sign that there’s a repair need on the horizon.

Luckily, this is a common enough problem, that there are plenty of helpful tips on how to diagnose and repair them, so read on to find out how you can help your home.

A Damaged or Warped Toilet Flapper Could be to Blame

flapperThe flapper inside your toilet is what allows what to flow from the tank into the bowl, and creates a blockage so your system can refill.

It’s a relatively simple design, often from rubber or silicone, but when it’s damaged, it could allow water to leak into your toilet. This is often what creates the sound of running water. The toilet flapper is responsible for creating a tight barrier against that inlet pipe.

If the flapper is warped, cracked, dirty, or otherwise ineffective, you’ll have leaking water and an overall drop in functionality with your toilet. These flappers are a common problem for many homeowners, which is why they can easily be replaced without the need for replacing your entire toilet.

What Other Issues Cause Running Toilets?

For many homeowners, your leaking toilet issues will end with a new flapper installation, but what do you do if they continue? There are a few other situations that could be causing this problem, and they include:

  • runningtoiletDamaged or faulty float.
  • Leaking water valve (behind the toilet).
  • Old fill valve (inside the toilet).
  • Broken or cracked porcelain.
  • Leaking seal at the base of the toilet.

While most of these problems are often small in scale, larger ones can actually be more of a problem for your home. Anytime you’re dealing with leaking water, you’re also dealing with the side effects, which can include water damage and mold growth.

What starts as a small puddle of water behind your toilet can quickly lead to a complete remodel. It’s always a good idea to pay close attention to your toilet to prevent emergency issues.

Trust in Toilet Maintenance

maintainFor the most part, homeowners are looking to save money, but in some instances, money can be well spent to prevent plumbing issues. Toilet maintenance is a must-have for all homeowners.

Not only does it keep your toilet working and flushing in top shape, but also it can help mitigate the risk of larger emergencies. For homeowners in Winchester, Powell’s Plumbing is here to help.

We offer expert toilet repairs, installations, and maintenance, including toilet flap replacements, and even offer helpful advice too. The next time you’re dealing with a problem, take the easy route and give us a call at (888) 550-1292.

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