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Ideas for Summer Fun Without Wasting Water

In Winchester, VA, summer is officially in full swing. If you’re a water-conscious family who is looking for ways to preserve our most precious resource, we’ve compiled a quick guide to water-conserving activities for your whole family.

Read on for ideas, tips, and tricks on how you and your loved ones can stay cool and environmentally friendly all summer long.

Summer Fun Without Wasting Water

What better way to teach children about water conservation than through an engaging game? Water conservation bingo serves to integrate water-saving habits into a child’s everyday routine.

To start, sit down and create a bingo card that is filled with activities that save water, such as:

  • Turning off running water while brushing teeth
  • Choosing to take a shower over a bath
  • Keeping all showers under 5 minutes

Once your child has managed to complete their entire bingo card, get them a special prize like a week off from chore duty, their favorite summer-themed sweet, or a trip to see a movie of their picking.

Sprinklers, Hoses, and Summer Play

During the heat of the summer, there is no activity quite as fun or refreshing as a run through the sprinkler or chasing each other with water hoses.

However, this equipment can be a big waste of water. The best way for everyone to get the most out of using a sprinkler or hose is to integrate play with chores.

If you’re using your sprinkler to complete chores like watering a garden, get your child water-ready and invite them to come outside and play in the water while it’s on.

If you need a hose to water flowers or wash your vehicle, invest in a high-efficiency nozzle that allows you to control the intensity and flow of water. Even better, these nozzles are great for quick sprays at an un-expecting family member on a hot day.

Other Great Water-Saving Outdoor Activities

  • Catch rainwater in a barrel and use this water to fill up water balloons, or for general water-play with your children
  • Get your family outside and play in the rain. The world’s natural water sprinkler is the best kind!
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