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New Year New You? Apply it to Your Pipes—Schedule a Drain Cleaning Today

New Pipes

As you ring in the New Year in Winchester, VA and make resolutions for a new you in 2018, consider applying the same spirit of freshness and rejuvenation to your plumbing system.

A professional drain cleaning can give your pipes new life, helping them working at peak efficiency throughout the year. Plus, you’ll also do away with blockages and clogs, as well as the myriad headaches they can bring.

A Year Without Clogs

Pipes and drains obstructed by clogs can produce many unwelcome side effects. In some cases, if waste is allowed to build-up on pipe walls over time, unpleasant odors can result, permeating your whole home.

Clogs may also lead to standing water, which can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew. Additional Clogged Pipeconsequences of drain and pipe blockages and clogs include:

  • Water overflows
  • Flooding
  • Pipe leaks
  • Slow-moving drains

Furthermore, clogs and floods can affect the usability of your space and even decrease the property value if the damage becomes too great.

Regular scheduled professional drain and pipe cleaning can help you avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with these unwanted situations, by addressing them before they get out of hand or even preventing them altogether.

No Noise Is Good Noise

Unwanted NoiseIn some cases, slow-moving and clogged plumbing systems can produce high-pitched squeaking and cracking sounds as water is forced to move through tighter spaces than the system is intended for.

This results in a higher pressure in the pipes, causing sounds that you’d likely rather do without. Simple preventative measures, including professional drain cleaning, will help to avoid noisy pipes, and keep them running efficiently and quietly.

Empty Drains and Full Wallets

Save MoneyWhen your plumbing system gets bogged down by blockages and clogs, it can result in lost money because of high water bills.

For instance, if your toilet is partially clogged and not flushing properly, then you’ll have to flush it two or three times just to achieve the same results that a single flush should produce.

Similarly, slow-draining sinks have to be cleaned more often because standing water leaves soap scum and food residue in the basin, and all of this translates to greater water use and higher bills.

Moreover, poorly maintained pipes and drains that develop severe clogs can also require elaborate and invasive plumbing work to solve the issue, because clogs can lead to weakened pipes and corrosion. A preventative approach will save both money and time, as drain cleaning can address the causes of serious issues before they take hold.

Professional drain cleaning will prevent slow-running drains, clogs, damage, high water bills, and all the headaches that come with improperly maintained drains. This New Year, when you’re considering your own resolutions for 2018, think about your pipes as well and how drain cleaning now could make your life easier for the remainder of the year.

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