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Plumbing Costs in Relation to Service Quality

It would be safe to assume that every plumbing company would charge slightly varying amounts for doing different jobs. However, it is wise to look a bit deeper into companies that charge significantly more or significantly less than their competition.

When a company offers a plumbing service for a much higher fee, you may assume the quality is superior but this is simply untrue. Oppositely when a service fee is extremely low, you may be dealing with less than quality workmanship or a complete scam.

The Cost of Leaky Pipes & Their Repairs

“leakrepaircost”When a pipe begins to leak, there are a number of signs. If you begin to witness any symptoms like wet spots on the wall, musty smells, saggy ceilings, or any other indicators, call Powell’s Plumbing immediately.

Failing to fix a leaking pipe can result in high repair bills from water damage as well as mold remediation to remove growing spores.

Luckily, repairing a leaking pipe is a relatively simple matter. Although this might not include the labor, the labor cost will be minimized by calling sooner rather than later.

Taking Care of Clogged Drains

“clogrepaircost”It isn’t a secret, clogged drains are annoying! While taking a shower, the water puddles up to your ankles or while brushing your teeth the sink almost completely fills.

These aren’t the only problems a clogged drain can cause though. Clogs can also be responsible for overflowing toilets, low water pressure, and even cracked pipes.

Over time these problems can become quite a hassle and you might look at snaking your drains or using chemical drain cleaners. Neither of these ideas can be considered good ones.

An untrained hand using a snake to remove a clog could potentially damage pipes. Chemical cleaners are even worse because they are bad for your pipes, the environment, and can cause burns on the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Luckily, having a professional remove a clog isn’t a complicated ordeal. If a clog is within reach of a drain snake, you can expect that job to be affordable. When the clog is stubborn or out of reach, hydrojetting is usually recommended, however, the prices are a bit higher.

This process uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast away the debris and blockages. The cost of hydro jetting often depends on the severity of the clog and the type of drain that needs the service.

Dripping Faucets Can be a Bigger Problem Than Realized

“drippingfaucet”The sounds of a constantly dripping faucet can be annoying at first. After a period of time, that noise may go unnoticed and the problem is forgotten.

Unfortunately, just because it is forgotten, the problem doesn’t cause any less damage. Failing to repair a dripping faucet means that your water bill may rise anywhere from $20-200 per year and you may end up with a mold or mildew problem from the constant moisture.

In addition to this, you’ll likely have to prematurely replace your faucet. The best option to solve this problem is actually calling us to repair it! Typically repairing a dripping faucet is far less expensive than the other options!

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