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Getting a Plumbing Permit: The Benefits

When you are taking on a renovation project, whether you are using your Winchester plumber, tackling the job all on your own, or entering the service industry for employment, you should start with a list.

You need to set a budget and a timeline. In many cases, you need to acquire a plumbing permit from the city, which requires an application process and a fee. Often you will need to arrange for a follow-up inspection, once the job is done.

But how do you know where to start? What is expected of you and when do you need a plumbing permit anyway? For all you home renovators here in Winchester, VA, here is a handy guide to help you along.

When do I Have to get a Plumbing Permit?

“whenpermit”Basically, you need a plumbing permit for major work that involves your home’s structure, foundation or footprint. That includes things like adding or taking away walls, major remodeling that involves adding or altering plumbing, digging a foundation, changing the heating, air conditioning or plumbing systems, working on a hydronic system, putting in a sprinkler system or putting in a pool.

Also, if you are doing any work that involves municipal sewer lines or water supply, you’ll need a plumbing permit too. The reason that you need a plumbing permit is to ensure that work is done to quality standards.

It’s about workmanship but is also for the sake of safety. If you are doing a smaller job, like repairing a leak or putting in a water heater, you don’t need a permit.

How Does a Plumbing Permit Protect Me?

“permitprotection”Firstly, a plumbing permit protects you financially. It can reduce liability if something happens to your home as a result of the renovation in the future.

This is important if you are selling your home. It also can prevent you from having to pay fines or other costs for sub-par work.

From a safety standpoint, have work that adheres to permit requirements means that you are less likely to experience fire, flood or other danger from work done incorrectly. Having a plumbing permit also gives you peace of mind because you know that the work has better quality, so will be more reliable and last longer.

What is the Cost?

“howmuchcost”In Winchester, the cost typically varies depending on what the estimated value of your job is.

The cost increases the more expensive it is, and is calculated on a sliding scale upwards.

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