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Regular Maintenance of Home Plumbing Systems

If it weren’t for modern plumbing systems, everyday tasks such as cleaning, bathing and ridding waste would be totally inconvenient and uncomfortable. We rely greatly on these networks to function daily. Properly maintaining them is one of the keys to a happy home life.

It’s incumbent upon every homeowner to recognize the importance of regular maintenance of plumbing systems. If one wishes to extend the lifetime of these components while helping prevent any plumbing disasters, there are a handful of simple tasks they can perform. Read on to learn about maintaining your home’s plumbing.

Lower Water Pressure

“balancedwaterpressure”Often mistaken for a luxury, high water pressure can pose a danger to your plumbing system. It stresses pipe connections and fittings, which makes them more susceptible to leakage and bursts.

An easy way to watch over your water pressure is by using a measuring device you can get at any hardware store. If levels read above 85 psi, it may be wise to call in a plumber for help.

Homeowners who use low-flow plumbing elements should note these devices don’t negatively impact water pressure, just the volume of water dispensed.

Drains Must Be Kept Clean

“cleandrains”Dirty and clogged up drains can be a real pain to your plumbing system. If dirt and food get caught in your pipes, over time, it could form a blockage and obstruct the flow of water.

This could lead to leaks and ruptured pipes, which can cause costly water damage to your home. Placing a sink strainer above the drain of your kitchen sink, however, can do a lot to help prevent this from happening.

These devices trap debris before it can make its way down your pipes. They’re inexpensive, and all you need to do is clean them out daily or weekly. Remember: cooking grease and oils are not to be released down your kitchen sink. When they contact cold pipes or liquids, they will solidify and form blockages.

Hair Screens Are Helpful

“haircleaner”Although it’s a bit nasty to think about, human hair is a big culprit when it comes to bathroom drain clogs. Hair falls from our bodies while we bathe and shave, and they travel down the drain.

If you buy a hair screen, however, you can stop most of from escaping into your plumbing system. These devices are also cheap and only require regular cleaning to maintain.

Obey Local Plumbing Regulations

“localrequirements”Every region has laws regulating the plumbing maintenance for homes in the area.

These are passed to make sure every property can get the service it needs while the plumbing systems stay in good condition.

Check with Winchester, VA municipal records to your city’s regulations.

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