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Signs You Have Roots in Your Pipes


For many, owning a home with a green yard and full grown trees is the ultimate dream. You can hang up your summer hammock for relaxing afternoons and their shade can help cut back on air conditioning costs. But one of the least considered parts of having trees is the unfortunate side effect of potential roots in your sewer lines or gutter drains. Throughout the year, but especially in the spring and summer, we get calls from concerned homeowners around the Northern Shenandoah Valley, NOVA and the Panhandle of WV that are having ongoing plumbing issues that end in us clearing roots from their home’s underground pipes.

Today, we want to help you identify the issue before it becomes a serious problem. Here are a number of signs that you have roots in your home’s plumbing.

Gurgling Toilets and Slow Drains 

This means that your water is flowing very slowly. Although this is a sign of any major blockage, if a simple snake doesn’t help then a tree is a likely culprit. 

Your Home Smells

When a sewage line is blocked by roots it can cause unpleasant odors and sometimes, the sewage itself, to back up into your home. 

Rapid Tree Growth

This is especially applicable for long-time homeowners. Trees are thirsty and cracking into a gutter drain can give them access to a tremendous source of water. 


Though it takes a bit of time to form a sinkhole, sudden depressions in your yard can be a sign that the water line at least has a leak and is eroding your yard from the bottom up. In addition, the extra water can cause root rot, damaging your trees.


If you live in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, NOVA or the Panhandle of WV [and think that your home might be suffering from roots blocking your sewer lines or gutter drains, call Powell’s Plumbing today for a video pipe inspection . We offer a range of plumbing services to keep your pipes clear and your house happy.

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