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Summer is in full swing, and many people are taking extended trips this time of year. If you have a vacation planned, you may be thinking of your packing list and travel itinerary, but what about your home’s plumbing? Taking a few minutes to do some pre-vacation plumbing checks can potentially save you from coming home to a flooded area of your home or other unwelcome issues. 


Here are a few things to do with your home’s plumbing before you leave for any type of extended getaway:


  1. Check for leaks.

Take a few minutes to look around your house for leaking pipes or faucets. Even a small leak can turn into a serious problem while you are away. Don’t forget to check the pipes in the basement, attic, and garage, and survey your kitchen sink, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks to ensure they’re not dripping. 


  1. Turn off the water supply.

If no one is going to be using your home, it may be wise to simply shut off the main water valve. This will prevent water from going through the pipes in your home, stopping leaks at the source. Locate your home’s main water valve and turn it off right before you leave.


  1. Check your sump pump.

Your sump pit and pump are vital parts of your home’s emergency drainage system, so make sure you check these. Your local plumber can tell you how to check if your sump pump is working properly!


  1. Put your water heater on vacation mode.

Many modern water heaters have a vacation setting, but even if yours doesn’t, you can turn down the temperature while you’re away. No need to spend money and energy heating up water that won’t be used!


  1. Clean out your drains.

You don’t want to come home to backed up drains or unpleasant odors, so take a moment to clean out your drains now. Remove food debris from your kitchen drains and any hair or debris from bathroom drains. Consider cleaning the drains with baking soda and vinegar, or running hot water for a few minutes.


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