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As a homeowner, it is vital to understand that regular maintenance on your plumbing system can go a long way in preventing buildup, clogs, and other issues from developing. By taking the time to perform routine maintenance and cleaning, you can avoid large, costly plumbing problems down the line. One of the simplest actions you can add to your plumbing maintenance routine is regularly cleaning your home’s sump pump.

The sump pump is an integral component of your home’s basement or crawl space waterproofing system as it works to remove excess water, preventing flooding and keeping your foundation dry. By regularly cleaning the sump pump, you can eliminate buildup which overtime could lead to reduced function and even sump pump failure. 

Cleaning a sump pump is a simple process that requires 6 easy steps, outlined below. 

  1. Start by turning off the sump pump and disconnecting it from the discharge pipe. 
  2. Next, cover the pump with plastic to avoid spills and carry it outside. 
  3. Once outside, use your garden hose to rinse off the outside and top of the unit, as well as the inside. Use a scraper to remove any stuck-on debris from the inside of the pump. Once complete, leave the pump outside to air dry. 
  4. Inside your basement or crawl space, use a shop vac to drain any remaining water from the sump pit. 
  5. If you can disassemble the check valve on your sump pump unit, do so and let any remaining water drain out. You can then let all the components dry and reassemble it. 
  6. After all these steps are complete, reattach the pump to the discharge pipe, plug the unit back in, and turn it on. 

For more tips on maintaining your home’s plumbing system, check out our website. If you need to schedule an appointment for your sump pump or need plumbing service, reach out to the friendly and professional team at Powell’s Plumbing of Winchester today!