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Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have


While it’s always smart to call your local plumber when you need a repair, replacement, or new installation, it helps to have a few basic plumbing tools on hand. If you own a home (or even rent), some of these tools can help you avoid a possible disaster and can even help you maximize your water efficiency. 


Tackle minor plumbing problems on your own, with these must-have plumbing tools:


  1. Toilet Plunger


It may seem like a no-brainer, but many households don’t even own a plunger. If that’s you, pick one up today for a few bucks. A plunger is your best defense against clogged toilets and even clogged shower drains.


  1. Plumber’s Tape


Thread seal tape, aka PTFE tape, is an inexpensive tool for your home that can fix minor leaks and improve your efficiency. If you notice a dripping pipe, or your showerhead is leaky, simply wrap the tape around the pipe threading and reattach the fixture. 


  1. Drain Snake


One of the best ways to maintain your drains is with regular cleanings. You can do this yourself with a drain snake! These flexible augers can easily remove hair and other debris, and will save you from calling a plumber for such a simple problem.


  1. Wrenches


Your home toolbox should have at least a couple kinds of adjustable wrenches for when you need to fix or install faucets and fixtures, tighten loose nuts, or other repairs. Pipes, nozzles, showerheads, bidets, and other household items often call for either a pipe wrench or a basin wrench.


  1. Rubber Gloves


When working on plumbing, protect your hands and forearms with a good pair of gloves. These are inexpensive and can help you maintain your grip while preventing scratches and scrapes. Rubber gloves are also great when you’re cleaning with abrasives!


  1. Contact Info for Your Local Plumber


Sometimes you just can’t tackle it all yourself and you need a professional. Make sure you have the name and contact information of a trusted plumber near you! Things like water heater repair, burst pipes, garbage disposal repair, and septic tank maintenance are best left to the pros.


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