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How to Check for Hidden Water Leaks in Your Home by Your Virginia PlumberWater leaks cause extensive damage to homes. Knowing how to find these leaks, a homeowner can save a lot of money, time, and frustration. The obvious signs are easy to spot: water puddles, wet carpet, and water running down the wall, but the hidden leaks cause the most damage. Luckily, there are definite signs to look for that may not be so obvious. Following are 7 places to check for hidden water leaks in your home in Clarke County, VA to identify if there is a potential problem lurking.

1. Are there any exposed valves and pipefittings that are rusted or corroded? Check under sinks, behind washing machines, and in water heater closets. Rusted or corroded valves and pipefittings are a definite sign of water leaks.

2. Is there a damp, musty smell? 
Mildew and mold create musty odors. Stagnant puddles behind walls, under flooring, and in closed cabinets promote the growth of mildew and mold. Damp wood is also a breeding ground for these fungi.

3. Are the walls or ceiling stained? 
Is furniture that has been pushed up against the wall mildewed? The stains can be nearly colorless, range from brown to rusty, or can even be yellowish. A blackened spot is mold or mildew.

4. Is the surface bubbled, or cracked? 
Does it feel soft or spongy or look warped? Do the bricks in the fireplace or interior wall feel damp? All of these are signs that water is settling beneath the surface.
5. Are any of your ceiling light fixtures filled with water? This signifies that there may be a water leak in overhead pipes or from the floor above. Water tends to gather at the outer edges of the light fixture’s housing or inside the globe.
6. Is there a sudden jump in the water bill? The homeowner should turn off the water valve to the home. If the meter is still running, there may be a leak in the main water supply.

7. Does it sound like water is running constantly? Nearby appliances and water faucets should be checked for leaks.

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