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Drain cleanings are often overlooked but are very crucial to the health of your water and home, especially in the warm summer time. A drain cleaning can help out in many ways, and should be done yearly. Check out the many benefits of a summer drain cleaning:

Unclogs pipes filled with hair, food and prevents backups: Every pipe and sink or bathtub can easily get blogged up with things like hair or food. Although some may be removal by hand, a professional drain cleaning is often needed in order to get the deepest items and junk build up out. Too much hair or food leftover in a drain will cause it to clog up and make it difficult to use the garbage disposal. In order to not waste money and get the best waterflow, you need to do a drain cleaning and get these items that block out of the way.

Destroys build up of harmful minerals: Plumbing pipes that use hard water often collect minerals of all kinds, like calcium. This build up can easily lead to a decrease of water pressure and can also make it tough for you to get the warm water you need. Water flow will improve by a lot after minerals have been cleaned out.

Roots: Roots are often found in drain pipes during the summer because that is when trees really increase their growth rate. With drain cleaning, you will prevent roots from entering and causing big damage. Tree roots are known to be found in these pipes because they are highly attracted to the nutrients found in hard water. If these roots are not taken out, your pipe will be fully blocked and no water will be available.

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