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Why you should consider a water softener system for your home


After you’ve lived in a house for a while, the effects of hard water can be easily noticed, although not always understood. Calcium builds up in pipes, lowering your water pressure and causing your appliances to malfunction. Your clothes don’t look quite clean and there are white spots on your dishes and cutlery.

Installing a water softener can be the solution to a host of problems all related to the hardness of the water that flows from your tap. For a homeowner, the decision to invest in such a device can lead to savings in time, energy and effort. Take your appliances that use water, for example. The washer, dishwasher, coffee maker, fridge and air conditioning unit all suffer from the effects of hard water. The minerals build up inside, forcing the machine to use more energy and work harder. Soft water can help them run more efficiently, thus lowering your electricity bill and reducing the need to replace your appliances more often.

Softer water in your home also eliminates the pesky white splashes on your plumbing fixtures. There is really no need to waste time trying to remove lime buildup and soap scum from your shower head or faucet. Not to mention the money spent on lime removing products from the supermarket. The same hard minerals that cause scum formation on your tub are responsible for the white spots that show up on your dishware and glassware, even after you’ve washed them. One benefit of using softer water is cutting down on time needed for unpleasant house chores such scrubbing sinks or shower heads and polishing cutlery.

Soft water has the added advantage of leaving your skin smoother after a wash. You might notice that your hair becomes shinier and less brittle. You’re also more likely to use fewer personal grooming products, since hard water prevents proper lathering and causes you to use more shampoo and soap.

The same hard minerals that cause scum buildup on your tub, are also the cause your clothes don’t look quite clean even after you’ve washed them. Hard water prevents the detergents from fully cleaning your clothes and at the same time acts as an abrasive agent causing accelerated wear and tear for your apparel as well as your washer. Using softer water will protect your clothes, making them last longer and look cleaner.

Choosing to instal a water softener in your home will pay dividends and the small changes that you’ll notice will make you wonder why you’ve waited so long to do it. Are you looking to install a water softener system in your Winchester home? Call Powell’s Plumbing at (301)-797-7756 today!