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Inventive Ways to Remodel Bathroom

Are you looking for ways to remodel your same old bathrooms in your home this New Year? There are various ways to give your bathroom a fresh and fun look without much work being done.

Winchester, VA Bathroom-Remodeling-ServicesAll you need to focus is how much you need to spend and how much renovations you need done. These two factors have to balance when you want to achieve the goal. The following are five inventive ways you can revitalize your Winchester home bathroom for the New Year.

Layer Bath Mats

It’s not a rule to stick only one bathmat, you lay a few in different textures, patterns, colors to give the bathroom a soft and comforting feel.

The other way is to rotate the mats to give the bathroom a new look. This makes the bathmats last longer and the look always changing.

Spa-up Your Toiletries Display

The best way to make bathroom friendly is to add a lovely tray or a raised wooden board on the countertop where you can place your everyday items. The idea is to treat yourself like you are walking into a posh spa or fancy bathroom that would make you enjoy the stay.

Consider placing your items or contents in beautiful bottles. Alternatively, if your Winchester home bathroom doesn’t have a countertop room, consider installing a small shelf on the edge of the bathtub.

Go Green with Upgrades

When renovating the bathroom, it is important to keep environment in the mind. Sinks, low-flow toilets and shower heads should not only be fixed in a way that conserve water but also save your money.

For instance, you may consider buying the water-saving shower heads instead of the traditional ones because they almost cost the same or cheaper. You can find an environmentally friendly way to store the combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes and brushes. A good idea is to store fresh flowers in one of the cans.

Make your Mirror Stand Out

The mirror is very important, which is why you should make it stand out. One way would be to hang a garland on the top or add a frame to the mirror. There are many methods to pimp the mirror to make it look more than just a standard grade mirror.

Gallery on the Wall

You can spend some time finding affordable piece of art that will give the wall and/or ceiling of the bathroom a new beautiful look to view. When the galleries are chosen well, the bathroom could be turned to be friendly place.

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