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5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

One of the advantages to remodeling the kitchen in your Winchester home is that you will increase the value of your home significantly. The kitchen is the one room that you, your family, and your guests, spend most of the time inside the house.

These five kitchen remodeling ideas for your home will increase the efficiency and appeal of the room.

Winchester, VA Kitchen-Remodeling-Services1. Custom Kitchen Island

A new kitchen island does more than simply give you more storage area and remove the clutter from the eating and preparing areas.

Now you have the ability to open up those other areas by utilizing the island for a stove, sink, or preparation area. The area above the island can be used to hang pots, pans, and large kitchen accessories.

2. Updated Appliances

Older appliances are not only energy hogs, they don’t have all the features utilized in new appliances.

Installing a new dishwasher, garbage disposal, stove, refrigerator, and water softening system, will make life in the kitchen easier for everyone.

3. New Counter Tops

Old Formica counter tops are both outdated and unappealing. They chip and crack as they age, and they do not match with newer style cabinets and appliances.

Marble counter tops provide a unique look for your Winchester kitchen because no two stones are alike, and they are much more easier to clean than other counter material. You can buy marble at significant discounts when the pieces are left over at the mill.

4. Stone Tile Floor

A new stone tile floor will transform the look and feel of the kitchen overnight. With the stone tiles you have the ability to make a unique design on the floor and make use of different size, color, and shapes throughout. The stone is especially easy to clean and will give the room personality.

5. New Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are where you store most of the dishes, glassware, and appliances in your kitchen. Over the years you accumulate more than you can store, and this is the reason the counters are so cluttered and the room looks so unorganized.

The new custom cabinets give you the ability to store everything easily, and now increase that space on the counters. The cabinets not only make the room more efficient to work in, it increases the overall appeal by making the room in a sense look much larger than it really is.

Your kitchen is a central part of your family life, so make it beautiful. Call Powells Plumbing at 540-665-8196 to transform the look of your Winchester, VA home with unique kitchen remodeling ideas.