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What there is to know about hydro jetting


Whenever you clean your drains using Hydro Jetting you are using intense pressure to jettison the blockage from the lines. This technique is very different from the snakes we are all familiar with. Even though Hydro Jetting is mostly used in commercial applications such as restaurants it is also very effective for residential applications.

Hydro Jetting takes intense pressure, around 1500-4000 psi, and runs it through your drains. Having that much pressure can ensure the removal of sand, grease, or sediments that have built up inside your drains and are causing them to back up.

The backup from drains that have been blocked by these types of buildups is extremely dirty. This dirty water can back up into your dishwasher and your sinks where you wash dishes and your hands. A good plumber who is familiar with Hydro Jetting can get those drains unclogged and keep your water from contamination.

Another reason Hydro Jetting is so effective when compared to the traditional ‘rooter’ methods is that it does more than just cut a hole through the blockage. It cleans the debris away clear to the outside of the drain wall.

The Hydro Jetting method is usually performed through a ‘cleanout’ opening. This is an access opening that every plumbing system has where a plumber can easily get in and clean out clogs and debris.

Hydro Jetters consist of large tanks of water, high-strength nozzles, high-pressure hoses, and a machine that can pressurize the water inside the hose for spraying through the blockage.

Many drainage problems are due to mineral deposits and even old stubborn roots. The Hydro Jetting method can remove these with ease. Rooters only give you a temporary fix but are unable to totally remove all the buildup from the lines. Hydro Jetting gets the line clean from wall to wall.

Anyone who needs their drainage lines cleared out properly needs to contact a professional plumber and inquire about their Hydro Jetting services and get it done right. Contact your local plumber today and get a total removal of your drain blockage.

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