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Now that fall is here, it’s time to prepare your home’s plumbing for winter. There are two main things that should be done before temperatures drop: insulate and prep pipes and faucets, and annual maintenance of your water heater.

Take the time to check your home and know where your pipes are exposed or otherwise at risk of freezing. Unheated areas like garages and crawl spaces need to be insulated, as well as outdoor pipes or faucets. Styrofoam, heat tape, and thermostat-controlled heat cables can be used to protect them. Hoses can be emptied and stored until spring, while other outdoor plumbing, like irrigation, can be emptied and shut off to prevent freezing.

Annual maintenance of your water heater will make it last longer, as well as increase its efficiency. Flush the tank to remove any sediment and increase your hot water supply, while also protecting components from being corroded. Test the pressure relief valve to make sure it’s working properly to protect your home from water heater leaks. For specific maintenance instructions for your water heater, check the manufacturer’s website. If you discover your water heater is in need of repair or replacement, call 540-665-8196 to schedule your appointment today.

Should your pipes burst despite your efforts to protect them, turn off the water immediately and call us at Powell’s Plumbing. Our trained staff will address your situation quickly and make it right in as short a time as possible.