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Preparing your Virginia West Virginia and Maryland Plumbing System for fall

Getting your home ready for the fall is an important job. It will help guard against cold and wet weather, and keep you and your family comfortable during this beautiful, wintry season. Some of the items that need to be done are furnace filters, maintenance on your furnace, cleaning out your gutters, cutting back landscape, and sealing windows and doors.

Fixing any leaky faucets is a good idea this season, to prevent wasted water and further damages that can grow from a burst or cracked pipe if left unattended. There exists a potential for mold or bacteria to enter your home and grow to become a health hazard as well if not treated or taken care of right away.

Furnace filters are also an important part of keeping your home running efficiently this fall by having your heater working at its optimal level. When dirty or old filters are present, your furnace will not work as well at heating your home and keeping your family warm as the temperature continues to drop. A maintenance check on your furnace should be done once a year to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently.

Gutters can become cluttered from the summer foliage, and it’s important to clean these out to ensure water will run through them the way it needs to. Leaves and foliage are the main factors in gutters spilling over. When water runs out of your gutters and settles around  your home it can cause damage. It’s imperative to trim and cut back your landscaping to keep it looking polished and protect your home’s exterior at the same time.

A proper seal of your home’s windows and doors is also important to keep moisture out of your home. When windows and doors are not sealed properly, water can leak into your home without your knowledge and cause problems. Sealing these items will also help reduce the amount of money you spend on heating your home during the nippier months.

Fall proofing is an important aspect in caring for your home and reducing unnecessary expenses for you and your family. It will not only save you money, but it will also save you time and stress during the coming holiday seasons.

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