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To ensure the health of your plumbing system, it is vital to take precautions during the winter months to ensure your pipes do not freeze. When pipes freeze, they can burst, sending copious amounts of water into your home and yard. At Powell’s Plumbing, we provide pipe repair to remedy this disastrous situation, but we also want homeowners to know the signs of frozen pipes to look for to prevent damage to their home. 

There are several signs to look for that indicate that you have frozen pipes in your home including:

  1. Strange smells: When a pipe is blocked, odors become trapped and come back through the system instead of exiting the pipe. If you notice foul odors emitting from your faucet, the pipes may be frozen. 
  2. Lack of water: If you turn on your shower or faucet and only a small trickle of water emerges, it can mean that the water is frozen somewhere in the pipeline. 
  3. Frost on the pipes: If you can see frost on visible pipes such as under the sink or on outside pipelines, it is imperative to call an experienced plumber right away. In this case, do not attempt to turn on the faucet as the water inside is most likely frozen. 
  4. The temperature has been low: Once the temperature hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, pipes are susceptible to freezing. If the forecast is showing low temperatures, it is important to take precautions to keep pipe from freezing. 

If you suspect that your Winchester home or property has frozen pipes, contact the professional team at Powell’s Plumbing today. We will diagnose your pipe’s current situation and give you a quote for necessary repairs. Call today to schedule your appointment.