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Get Involved with National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

modern-kitchenIn 1982, the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association declared October to be National Kitchen and Bathroom Month.

This special event happens every year and is a way for homeowners to learn about the benefits of renovating their kitchens or bathrooms and receiving numerous deals and promotions.

Did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom increases the value of your home and provides you with many other advantages such as improved productivity and increased relaxation? October is also the ideal month to invest in an upgrade since the kids are back in school, and you are not yet thinking about the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Here is some information and tips on how to make the most of National Kitchen and Bathroom Month:

Should You Upgrade Your Shower or Tub?

freestanding-tubThere really is no right or wrong answer to this question. It comes down to personal preference and whether you are a bath person or a shower person.

Regardless, the trend this year is to separate the tub from the shower, getting rid of those built-in shower/tub combos.

This means that homeowners can choose which unit they would like to invest money in and which they would prefer to not invest in.

Best Bathroom Trends of 2016

Some of our favorite bathroom trends from this year include:

Trough sinks: This not your barnyard trough. Trough sinks are chic, functional and add a bold statement to any bathroom.

Stand-alone tubs: In an effort to make bathrooms appear more spa-like, stand-alone tubs are having their moment. This also allows homeowners to have more control over the design of their bathroom.

Technology is key: Advanced tech items such as heated floors and anti-fog mirrors are also gaining popularity with homeowners.

trough-sinkSquare and rectangular faucets: Gone are the smooth, rounded faucets of the ‘90s. Square faucets add a strong design element and simplicity to your bathroom upgrade.

What are Some Kitchen Trends for this Year?

Our favorite kitchen trends for 2016 include:

Apron sinks: These sinks are not new, but they are still as hot as ever. What’s more is you can now get these sinks in customizable colors to match your décor.

Commercial appliances: Nothing looks slicker than a commercial-grade range and oven. If you are an avid chef, these appliances are a must-have for your kitchen.

Architectural faucets with a twist: Much like in the bathroom, faucets are becoming more streamlined and architectural, however, in the kitchen, we are also seeing advanced features such as 360-degree swivel action and automation.

How to Avoid Trends that Won’t Last

Many trends come and go, that’s the nature of a trend. The best way to avoid the fleeting trends and get the most for your money is by only investing in trends that you genuinely like and that add functionality to your kitchen or bathroom.

Overloading with trends simply because you can is a recipe for disaster. We recommend choosing one or two trends that really resonate with you and making the rest of your upgrade more classic and timeless.

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