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5 Summer Plumbing Tips

Winchester PlumberThe summer months are a great time to relax, entertain and enjoy the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, home maintenance sometimes sits on the back burner as we try to fit in tons of activities before the weather gets cold again.

Plumbing issues are something that many homeowners experience during the summer months for one reason or another.

Luckily, there are some summer plumbing tips that can help your home function properly, preventing you from having to have costly repairs completed later on.

Use Your Disposal Properly

A garbage disposal is a convenient tool to have in the home but it is important to use it properly and safely in order to prevent clogs or issues. If you are taking the husks off of corn, be sure that this waste goes in your garbage can or compost pile. Your disposal can’t handle this. The same goes for large watermelon rinds and such.


In the summer months many areas see large amounts of rain and this can cause issues with sewer pipes in the area. If the sewer pipes back up or clog they can crack and this can be an expensive and inconvenient repair.

Keep an eye on your plumbing inside as well as any drains you have outside to make sure everything is running smoothly and there are no clogs or backups.

Washing Machine Use

Most families run their washing machines more frequently in the summer because of sports uniforms, muddy clothes, swim suits and more. The best rule of thumb is to stay home when your washer is running. If the machine breaks you will be home to prevent water from damaging the rest of your home. Also, don’t overfill your equipment and use as directed.

Winchester Summer-Plumbing-TipsClogging Of Toilets

With lots of family and friends coming over all summer long, you might be at a higher risk of a toilet clog. Make sure your family and friends know to use a minimal amount of toilet paper and to flush frequently in order to prevent clogs. You can keep a plunger on hand for easy fixes.

Sprinkler Use

Professionally installed sprinklers can be convenient if you have them but they are also prone to breaking frequently if they are not taken care of.

Steer clear of the heads when you mow your lawn and give them a once over every so often to make sure they look in tact.

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