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Five Easy Ways To Cut Water Usage

Water Less Or At The Right Time

Lawns- If you have a lawn in Winchester that you want to keep green, then you’ll want to water it at the right time if you’re trying to save water. It’s even possible to water your lawn less, depending on what time of year it is. If it’s wintertime, consider skipping the watering routine, or do it every other day. If you don’t mind allowing your yard to turn brown in the winter, then skip watering altogether. When you choose to water your lawn, make sure the sun has gone down before you start watering because the sun easily evaporates the water on the lawn.

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Plants- It may be a better idea to bring plants inside because they are likely to require less water if they are not constantly in the sun. If a plant can survive indoors, then that is already one way to conserve water. Only water the plant when it’s necessary, and make sure the plant has the right soil that will soak up water and use it efficiently.

Conserve Water When You’re Getting Clean

Baths- Taking a bath can be a relaxing way to end the day, but baths can wreak havoc on your water bill, especially if it’s done every single day. Most people don’t take baths regularly but once in a while. If possible, avoid taking baths to save water, and take showers instead.

Showers- It’s well known that taking a shower can conserve a lot more water than taking a bath, but there’s even a way to conserve water when in the shower. Filling a bath bucket with a couple gallons of water can be of a great way to take a quick bath without using all the extra water, and you’ll still be clean when it’s all said and done. If you’re not interested in using a bath bucket or pan, then simply limit your shower to five minutes or less to conserve water.

Cleaning Around The Home

Washing Dishes- There are many things to be cleaned around your Winchester house, and a lot of the cleaning will need water. Those that are washing dishes should fill water in a sink or several sinks to clean the dishes, and don’t let the water run while the dishes are being washed or rinsed. Washing dishes by hand will save more water than using a dishwasher.

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