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DIY Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To Professional Plumbers


People out there, that own homes, think that they can tackle any plumbing job that comes their way. They do not understand that there are plumbing jobs in their home that are too big for them to handle. These jobs require a professional plumber so that the risk for property damage, and injury, is reduced. Any time a person is dealing with water in a house they risk the chance of being electrocuted. A plumber, that is working anywhere near a power source, will take the necessary precautions to minimize the chance for injury.

Kitchen sinks are a primary area where many electrical shocks happen by untrained homeowners who are trying to work on the plumbing. This is because many of these homes come equipped with a garbage disposal. This unit, which grinds up food waste so that it can be rinsed through the piping, is electrically powered and potentially dangerous. A person that is working on a clogged sink could accidentally breach the pipe that they are trying to unclog, and be introduced to live wiring. This wiring can short out from the water that is still left in the pipe and can lead to a nasty shock. A severe electrical shock can cause cardiac arrest.

There are even cases where people have been hurt from the garbage disposal turning on while their hands were trying to fish out an article that is constricting the pipe. Although these cases are rare, they do happen. A hospital trip and months of physical rehabilitation could be avoided in this case if that person would have called a plumber. There is also a increased chance for burns when trying to fix plumbing if you are not trained to do so. Pipes may need to be soldered, and that requires a torch. An untrained person with a torch in their hand in order to braze a pipe joint could easily set a wall on fire, or cause more damage to the pipes than they intended. It is a good idea to just play it safe and call a plumber to avoid injury.

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