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Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


When you hire a plumber to do any work in your home, it is important to ask them some important questions. As important as it is to get references, there are things that you must ask your plumber before letting them do any work.

Are you a licensed plumber in my state? The first question that you should ask any plumber that comes into your home is if they are licensed. If you forget to ask all the other questions, this one is an absolute must. Plumbers who operate without a license can put your home at risk if they do not complete the job successfully. Check to see if the plumber you are working with is licensed by checking the governing body in your state concerning licensing rules and regulations.

What is the final cost? Plumbers who offer free estimates usually present a final bill that is much higher than the original estimate. This is because materials and labor can change during the repair or installation. When you are presented a price for any plumbing be sure to ask if that price is the final price, meaning it includes all material, labor, and contingency in the event of problems.

How would you like to be paid? To avoid any unexpected surprises with payment, find out before the work has begin what the payment terms are. The upfront deposit is usually a percentage of the job and can be anywhere from 25% – 50%. When a plumber asks for 100% up front simply tell them you are not interested with working with them. If the job is fairly large, the plumber may incorporate the milestone payment method. This is when payments are made as certain parts of the overall project are completed.

Will you be doing the work? Many plumbers hire subcontractors or have a small crew that do the work for them. Be sure you understand exactly who will be in your home and doing the work before you sign any papers.

What happens if something breaks? Inquire if there is any guarantee on the work being completed. Plumbers may offer a one year warranty, or promise to fix any future problems with the work during a set period of time. be sure that this is clearly written into any contract before you sign it.

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