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A sump pump is a valuable piece of equipment for any home. Basements are a great place for extra storage and living space, but when rising water is a threat, a sump pump is necessary. While these pumps are not expensive, knowing which one of the two varieties is best for the home comes down to the home itself.

Once you have established the need for a sump pump, buying the right one may be a little bit of a challenge. There are two different variations of these sump pumps. The first type of pump is called a pedestal and is technically referred to as an up-right. The second type of pump is what is known as submersible. The entire goal of the sump pump is to remove any groundwater that can accumulate near the home. If a home sits in a flood prone area, or there are heavy rains in the area, these pumps are essential to keep a home dry and safe.

The pedestal varieties are very economical to operate. There is a motor that is mounted on a shaft structure and it goes down into the sump area. The basin is equipped with a float that is regulating. When the float rises to a certain level, the pump will turn itself on. The typical water height is around 10 inches before it will turn itself on. The motor cannot be submerged in water and this usually last around 10-15 years. These are best for the basements that are not finished. Since the motor is exposed, these are not good for homes that have children.

A submersible pump is located completed in the basin as is the motor. The unit itself is completely below the water level and is much quieter overall. Many people feel these pumps are less prominent and can be adequately concealed in an area of the basement. Families that have children will find these are a safer option, as they do not have any motors within easy access of little fingers. If the basement area is finished, they will find these blend in better with the overall look of the area. These pumps also have a lifespan of 25-30 years. Finding the right pump is not hard when the taking a few factors into consideration.

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