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As a homeowner, it can often seem overwhelming keeping up with all the different components of your home that need to be maintained or replaced. This is especially true when it comes to the different components of your home’s plumbing system. While bathroom fixtures may not seem overall important, it is necessary to remember that they need to be replaced when their function begins to slip or you notice any major problems. At Powell’s Plumbing, we are happy to serve the community of Winchester with a full suite of plumbing services, including bathroom fixture replacement. 

The question is, how often should you change your home’s bathroom fixtures?

Toilets: As one of the most frequently used fixtures in the house, having a working toilet is vital to keeping you and your family happy. While toilet fixtures can last for quite some time, it is best to replace them if you start noticing recurrent problems with clogs or high-water bills. At this point, a more efficient fixture can be well worth the money in the long run.

Sinks: The life span of a sink and faucet depends highly on the type of material used, manufacturer, water quality, and frequency of use. Generally speaking, the older your sink is, you should replace it in order to avoid problems with cracking or problems with your pipes. 

Showers: A showerhead is one of the most common fixtures to replace simply because it is very easy and cost-efficient to do. Even though a shower head will last for decades, it is wise to replace them if you are looking for a newer model that is more efficient or offers different settings. 

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