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Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?


A plumbing emergency can be a nightmare. A small leak can turn into Niagara Falls overnight, and a nice summer thunderstorm can result in a flooded basement. In fact, plumbing emergencies rarely happen during normal business hours. They happen right as you are putting the turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving dinner. When you need help, you need it fast. There are, however, simple maintenance steps that a homeowner can take to avoid a costly repair.

Your garbage disposal is often the culprit in many emergency plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, it is not the work horse that you imagine. In fact, many items would be better off in the trash bin or compost heap, than down your garbage disposal. Grease, for example, can clog your pipes. Many communities now even have a ‘green bin’ program to help homeowners compost eligible food scraps for community composting right at the curb.

As a homeowner trying to avoid emergency plumbing repairs, screens are your new best friend. A screen over the shower drain can prevent excess hair from clogging up the pipes and requiring a plumber to snake it out. Likewise, screens in the kitchen and bathroom sinks can avoid those small items, like the toothpaste cap, from going down the drain accidentally.

Just like you do not want to dump chemicals in your body, do not pour harsh chemicals down your drain. They can corrode your pipes, and cause serious problems in the future. When in doubt, call your plumber and inquire about specific products that they can recommend.

Schedule an annual inspection. Call your favorite plumber and have them take a look at your plumbing each year. They can usually spot minor problems before they become big, expensive issues.

If you do all of the above and still need the services of an emergency plumber, rest assured that a skilled professional is available to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Do you need the services of a reliable Winchester plumber? Call Powell’s Plumbing at 540-665-8196 and schedule a service call today!

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