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Clogged Toilets


Winchester PlumberThere are many different reasons as to why a toilet can clog, and often times a simple plunger won’t really get to the bottom of the problem. This is when you need to call in the professionals.

Technologically advanced methods are sometimes needed, such as small cameras, in order to identify the deeper problems within your toilet.

However, we know that these situations are not preferable and that most people would love to prevent clogs before they happen, a very important part of this is understanding why clogs are caused to begin with.

What Are the Top 10 Reasons Why a Toilet Clogs?

1. Septic System Malfunction – This can be caused by many problems within the system. Only licensed plumbers can repair these systems and the toilet clog can be only a symptom of much larger issues.

2. Pipe Collapse – Old pipes that are made of old pipe making substances can decay and collapse. When this happens, the system will begin to clog at this point. When the clog occurs in the toilet, there is already a significant problem.

3. Pipe Blockage – Just like collapses, the problem occurs when the pipe clogs. These blockages are often caused by tree roots breaching the pipe.

4. Water Pressure – Low water pressure will cause the system to not clear fully. This will cause a bottleneck and eventually a clog.

5. Reservoir Malfunction – The toilet system has to have enough water present to flush the toilet fully. When the reservoir does not fill properly, the toilet will clog.

Clogged Toilets6. Overuse – This may not seem like a possibility, but plumbers receive a large increase in calls after events like parties and holidays like Thanksgiving.

7. Stuffing – This clog is the most common. Too much toilet paper can cause a clog that overflows the bowl and starts the major problems.

8. Interior Apparatus Malfunction – These internal parts must function properly in order to clear the toilet. However, these parts can be changed versus replacing the toilet.

9. Unleveled Toilet – A toilet can become unleveled for many reasons including subfloor decay. Often it happens with an improper installation.

10. Kids – Children love the idea of things that disappear in a toilet. Sometimes these things are an accumulation of small toys that only partially block the drainage initially.

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