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Any person buying an existing home should insist on a thorough home inspection by a licensed and experienced inspection service company. This will eliminate the seller saying, “Gee, I never knew about that leaky roof problem” after the deal closes and you’re stuck with some expensive roof repair. However in case you missed the memo, that cursory home inspection won’t include an extensive plumbing inspection on your bathrooms, hot water heater, or kitchen. Oh, the home inspector may flush the toilets once to verify they work, and run water in the sinks for drainage, but that’s about it.

Home inspectors have check lists and they surely don’t include climbing up ladders to inspect the roof, wet insulation in the attic, or verifying water pipes are still intact. We’re talking basic stuff here folks. That said the importance of plumbing inspection for new homeowners can’t be overstated. A home walk-through should be penciled in by the prospective buyer and your plumbing company who will serve as your quarterback and take you places for inspection you would never have given a second thought.

One major overlooked inspection by a new homeowner that your plumbing company will target is the location of the water meter. You know things like where the shutoff valve is located and is the meter in proper working order. The same goes if you’re home uses water from an outside well. Look folks, plumbing accidents will happen and no new homeowner likes to wake up in the morning and put their feet on a squishy floor with water about an inch deep. That’s just one example why a plumbing inspection should top your list of things to do.

We’re a licensed and qualified plumbing company providing a complete home inspection service that includes the water heater, kitchen and bathrooms, and laundry room, looking for potential problems in the draining systems, then pass on recommendations for improvements where they are needed. Your home is loaded with minefields; we know where they are, ergo, it’s better to know us, and not need us; than to need us, and not know us.

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