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Importance of Pump Service by Your Virginia PlumberThe need for a pumping service is important if you have a septic system installed at your home. This is a tank that is buried in the yard that holds waste water from your home. Solids are decomposed and a drain field is used to drain away excess waste water. You will need a pumping service to maintain your septic system. This will save you money on costly repairs if your drains are blocked.

Regular pumping of your septic tank will prevent any build of scum and sludge that accumulates in the tank. The accumulation of sludge and scum can clog drain lines and cause a backup into the house. The backup of the system will be costly to fix if there is any water damage. The use of a large tank that will often be on a truck is used with a suction pump to clean out your septic tank. Pumping of your septic tank should be done once every two years or so to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

Water that drains slowly out of a sink or drains that get clogged are a red flag for a septic tank problem. This means the system is not working efficiently to process waste water. You can eliminate this problem by having your septic tank pumped. Your septic tank will enjoy a long lifespan when any sludge and left over solids are pumped out.

When you have your septic tank pumped out regularly, then it should not need to be replaced. The cost for the pumping of your septic tank is considerably less than the cost of replacing the unit. This also gives you peace of mind that leaking or odors in your home will not be a problem.

A good running septic system is also good for the environment. Waste water that is sent into your drain field will help to fertilize the soil. If you notice your grass is greener over the drain field area, then this is the reason. The use of a local pumping service will keep your system functioning for many years into the future.

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