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Why Should I Install a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage-Disposal-199x300Are you thinking about getting a garbage disposal for your home? You should. It’s an incredible investment and here’s why.

1) When leftover food is tossed down the drain, it gets released into a landfill. In that landfill it decompresses. When this happens a powerful gas is released, known as methane. This gets put out in the air and it is highly toxic for all living creatures. Studies have shown that methane is about 21 times stronger then the other leading gases, gases such as carbon dioxide. When you invest in a disposal, it cuts down on the problem. You end up making a choice that is much greener for the environment.

2) Your kitchen will have a cleaner look to it. This means it can take a breather more often. When you dump food from the drain into the trash, you will inevitably leave some on the floor. This creates debris. The kitchen also ends up not looking so good. A disposal will reduce the scraps that fall to the floor.

3) Speaking of landfills, it also provides a benefit to them as well. About 13% of all waste that goes to the landfills are solid foods, especially the scrap and small particles. By investing in one, you can keep the landfills cleaner.

4) The food that gets thrown down the garbage disposal will eventually get turned into fertilizer. This is good for the plants and other vegetation. It will help create nutrients that are good for the growth of these plants. Otherwise, they don’t get the nutrients they need to survive. It’s a good thing.

5) With the investment of a garbage disposal, you will have fewer trips to the trash place. Think about this, the next time you finish eating dinner. When you look at the leftover food, how much of the food will get thrown into the trash bag. Depending on how big the bag is, it might not fit inside. That bin gets collected at specific time each week. Companies will charge extra for bigger bags, especially those that get left by the bin. The more you invest in a disposal, the more you cut down on trash.

It is your time to benefit from the advantages of a garbage disposal! Call Powell’s Plumbing today at (504) 665-8196 for efficient installation services in the Winchester area.

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