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10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Advanced water filtration systems provide their owners with a myriad of financial, health, and social benefits. In addition to being a healthy, environmentally-friendly alternative to unfiltered tap water, today’s cutting-edge water filtration systems are also designed to offer nothing but the purest and tastiest water possible.

To help you understand just how valuable one of these systems can be, let’s take a closer look at 10 awesome ways an advanced water filter installation will benefit you and your Winchester home.

Winchester, VA water-filter-installation1. Abundance of Clean Water

An advanced water filtration system will allow you to enjoy an endless supply of pure and clean water for drinking, bathing, showering, and any other use. Whether you’re filling a large pot for a tasty batch of vegetable soup or filling your pool in preparation for the summer months, you can rest assured you’ll always have an abundance of clean water to enjoy.

2. Better for Your Health

Over 70 percent of our bodies are made up of water, and the vital element plays a major role in almost every single bodily process. Therefore, why would anyone want to ingest or expose themselves to anything but the cleanest and purest water possible?

The better the water you drink and bathe with, the better your overall health will be. From helping with nutrient absorption to keeping your skin hydrated, the crystal clean water produced from an advanced water filtration system can benefit nearly every aspect of your health.

3. Environmentally-Friendly

Did you know that the average person without a water filtration system consumes over 600 plastic bottles of water per year? That means, by installing one of our systems, you can do your part for the environment by preventing hundreds of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill each and every year.

In addition to being extremely eco-friendly, this will save you a considerable amount of money as well. Just imagine the thousands of dollars you could save over the course of a decade!

4. Tastier, Better Quality Water

As you know, a water filter installation will enhance the quality and purity of your home’s water. Our systems, for example, are designed to reduce chlorine, lead, mercury, and other dangerous chemicals and dissolved heavy metals by up to 99 percent. Not to mention, dirt particles are completely filtered out as well, resulting in absolutely pure, contaminant-free water.

The health benefits from the elimination of these potentially hazardous metals and chemicals go without saying. However, the most immediate benefit you’ll notice is the improved taste. By eliminating these impurities, you’ll be able to enjoy the purest, healthiest, and tastiest water possible.

5. Money Savings

A water filtration system and money savings go hand in hand. As mentioned above, the average person spends $600 per year on bottled water. Since you’ll no longer need to buy bottled water with a water filtration system, this savings alone could become quite substantial in just a few years.

When you also consider the improved performance of your appliances and the fact that your soaps and detergents will last longer, it’s only logical to invest in your health and schedule a professional water filter installation.

6. Softer and Healthier Skin

Chlorine is commonly found in unfiltered water and is known for drying and damaging skin. Advanced water filtration systems, however, almost completely remove chlorine and other damaging chemicals, allowing your hair to retain its natural oils. The result is softer and healthier skin.

Chlorine is also commonly to blame for dry scalp and damaged hair. Therefore, an advanced water filtration system will make your hair look and feel better as well!

7. Better Air Quality

Everyone knows the damaging effects chlorine can have on the skin, but very few people realize more chlorine is taken in by the body from inhalation than ingestion or skin exposure. Thankfully, professional water filtration systems are capable of leaving Winchester homes virtually chlorine-free and significantly improving their indoor air quality.

Equipped with one of these systems, your home will no longer become engulfed in a chlorine fog every time you take a shower or draw a hot bath. Rather than making its way into your home, the filtration system will block out any and all chlorine particles and make your home a safer place to live.

Winchester, VA water-filter-installation-28. Clean Water in Times of Crisis

Lead poisoning via the water supply has been a concern for homeowners for quite some time, but the recent events in Flint, Michigan have made the importance of water filtration systems clearer than ever before.

The truth is, you honestly never know when your town will undergo a water crisis.

With pipe breaks, tornadoes, and dozens of other situations capable of threatening the safety of your water supply, your home’s water supply can become contaminated in a multitude of ways.

While you could stock up on bottled water for such an emergency, you only have so much storage space and it’s not exactly the most budget-friendly option. With an advanced water filtration system, however, you and your family will be able to enjoy clean and pure water whenever you want, even when a crisis hits.

9. Better Cleaning and Less Residue

Shampoos, soaps, and detergents create a much better lather and clean more effectively when used with pure water removed of chlorine and other harsh chemicals. They also rinse out quicker and more thoroughly. Plus, since there are no impurities in the water, there is virtually no soap scum or residue left behind. As a result, your kitchen and bathrooms will be much easier to clean.

10. Brighter Clothes

Last but not least, filtered, chlorine-free water also does a better job of washing detergent out of clothes. With an advanced water filtration system, you’ll never have to worry about chlorine, detergents, and other chemicals becoming in your clothes. That’s right. In addition to all of the great benefits discussed above, one of our systems will make your clothes brighter and last longer as well.

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