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How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home


Winchester PlumberHomeowners may think of the piping in their homes as bitter sweet. For one thing, the pipes serve a very important purpose to the infrastructure. On the other hand, sooner or later those pipes will need to be replaced, and the average homeowner will tell you, this is not a problem they want to experience. Even with a professional plumber checking the pipes regularly, there is going to come a time when age catches up with your plumbing. Wear and tear may be the primary reason for repiping, however, switching from galvanized to the more popular PVC option is another reason. We can help with our repiping services.

How Do I Know if I Need to Repipe My Home?

It is not always possible for a homeowner to know that their pipes need to be replaced; however, in the majority of instances, the homeowner should immediately have a professional address their plumbing if the water begins to discolor. A loss of water pressure is another warning sign to look for, as this usually means that somewhere in your line, there will be water escaping. Increased water usage, especially when no clear signs reflect a need for a higher demand. Greater water usage or utility bills generally translate into a leak somewhere in the pipes.

How Long Will It Take?

Once it has been determined that your home needs to be repiped there will certainly be a few questions, one of the main questions after how much it will cost is how long will the job be expected to take. The answer to how long you should expect your home to be cut off from a steady water supply will depend on the size of your castle. A repiping job for an average home will generally be completed in a 24-hour period; however, in the event it goes over into a second or third day, adjustments will be made to ensure that water continues to flow temporarily through the night.

RepipingWhy Should My Regular Plumber Do the Job?

When it comes to a complete replacement of pipes in your home, you should only entrust that job to a plumber who can deal with repiping. Just as there are specialists in the medical field, piping requires someone who can cover every aspect of the job, including the masonry, not to mention the fact that nothing will get missed.

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