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The Top Plumbing Myths

When it comes to keeping your Winchester home running efficiently, the plumbing system can be one of the most difficult to maintain. In most cases, it’s because people know little about these systems and instead rely on long-held myths to believe everything is fine.

Winchester, VA plumbing_servicesHowever, these myths are often just that, and usually result in more harm than good being done to the home. If you’ve got some beliefs about your plumbing system that may seem a bit far fetched, learn more about them and many others by reading the information below.

Plumbing Systems are Maintenance-Free

Unfortunately, plumbing systems are not maintenance-free. If they were, plumbers everywhere would be out of business. In fact, a Winchester home’s pipes, drains, toilets, sinks, fixtures, and more should be checked regularly for any damage that may need to be fixed.

Otherwise, some expensive repairs are sure to follow. In addition to this, many people believe their fixtures can be cleaned with hand soap.

However, this usually damages the fixture’s finish instead of making it shinier. By using a cleaner specifically designed for the finish, such as a brass cleaner, everything can sparkle and shine.

Lemon Rinds and Garbage Disposals

Somewhere along the way, it got to be the common belief that putting some lemon rinds down a garbage disposal would do a sufficient cleaning job. Unfortunately, all it does is make the disposal smell like a lemon.

To clean correctly, use a combination of warm water and soap sprayed down the disposal, followed by 10-15 minutes of scrubbing with a cleaning brush. By doing this, not only will the disposal smell good, but also be cleaned of any and all grime.

Running Water, Disposals, and Drains

Despite what people think, a garbage disposal is not designed to handle all types of garbage. However, people still put everything from cigarette butts to cardboard down their disposals, thinking it will be fine so long as they run water while doing so. But contrary to the myth, running water makes no difference with these items.

After some time, the disposal’s blades, motors, and gears will be extensively damaged. In a related matter, people also think clogs won’t form in the drain if water is run on a regular basis. However, just because all looks well does not mean a clog is not forming. If the water starts to run a little slower, chances are a clog is forming.

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