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Do you rent a home? Understand that not all plumbing services are covered and paid for by the landlord. Talk to your landlord. Make sure you both agree on who is covering the costs of a plumbing issue. You should always review any rental agreement before making any assumption. If you are the responsible party to fix a plumbing concern, here are some basic suggestions and tips.

Ask a professional. Try to avoid using the DIY method as this could cause a larger plumbing concern. As a preventative tip, look towards getting familiar with simple plumbing repairs like plunging. No one likes a smelly toilet, especially any company that visits. Just remember some things you cannot flush. 

Take care of your drains by using strainers to catch unwanted waste like hair and food from entering and clogging your drain pipes. Also remember to empty your garbage disposals. 

Take measures to ensure your pipes do not freeze in the winter. When water freezes, it expands, leading to pipes bursting and needing replaced. These simple tasks could save you lots of money. You could even attempt to lower your bills by adjusting your water temperature on your hot water heater. Make sure to check the industry standard water temperature.   

If you need help with a plumbing issue in your rented home, contact us today. Our experienced team is happy to be of service!