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Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Pet owners always find themselves facing a variety of issues with their dogs or cats. While sometimes it may be health or behavioral issues, at other times it may be something related to the owner’s plumbing system.

Winchester, VA drain_cleaning_servicesDespite what many people may think, pet owners are almost constantly facing some sort of plumbing issues related to their pets.

Some may be relatively minor ones, while others may result in a service call to a plumber and a large repair bill. To keep this from happening, here are some tips for pet owners to keep their drains and pipes clean.

Think Before You Flush

For those who own cats, cleaning a litter box is usually an unpleasant task. But with the invention of flushable litters, cat owners thought their problems were solved.

However, they were just beginning. While these litters state they are safe for being flushed down a toilet, many people have found out the hard way that the opposite is true.

These litters often lead to clogged drains and pipes, and almost always need the services of a plumber to become clear once again. Rather than flush waste down the toilet, plumbers believe it’s best to simply throw it away in a trashcan.

In addition to this, it’s also recommended not to let dogs drink out of the toilet, since their hair will shed into the toilet water and be flushed into the pipes below, resulting in additional clogs.

Install Drain Covers

Many pet owners have exposed drains and pipes in their Winchester homes, and these can lead to numerous problems as well. Puppies and kittens can chew on them, sometimes causing extensive damage.

Other times they may crawl into your Winchester homes drains and pipes, then get stuck and find themselves in need of rescue. To avoid this, plumbers can install drain covers on all exposed areas to keep pets safe.

Drain Strainers for Baths

While giving a dog or cat a bath now and then is not the easiest thing to do, it’s necessary from time to time. However, while the pet gets nice and clean, the drain and pipes in the bathtub are anything but that.

Plenty of hair almost always finds its way down the drain with the water, resulting in clogged drains and pipes. To solve the problem, have a plumber recommend a drain strainer or install a cover to keep the pipes free and clear of hair.

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